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Library Heaven


Mum asked me to go get her some new books and I come back with four for myself. i have no self control in bookstores. 


Books and Cupcakes August Photo Challenge

Day 10: Favourite Author

Rainbow Rowell


books, books and more books. 


okay, so here it is @chronicintrovert thank you very much again, this really made my day :) should start reading it soon, but first i need to finish larsson’s millennium trilogy. Keep doing what you do and good luck with your other books (hope there’ll be more of them in the future, lol ;)


by © Yassine on Flickr.


Hey guys! These three books are still just $0.99 on kindle!

book deal guys!


Lovely Dorm Room!!


August Book Photo Challenge Day 8: Most Reread Book

I reread the entire Harry Potter series every time a new book or movie came out, and also every time I was supposed to be studying for finals in high school.  So I guess technically Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone is my most reread book because it’s the first one.  Just not this copy: my lovely cat peed on my first copy and I couldn’t resist this beautiful set.


Currently Reading (in bed when I really should be up being productive)

Gaby, 20, brazilian book addict and hopeless shipper. All things book related and occasionally fangirling.

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